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Killing weeds and protecting all your crops has never been so easy

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Killing weeds and sanitizing in-row strips quickly is virtually effortless with the Weed Badger Model 4000. The unique wrap-around design puts you in control. Up-front visibility makes it easy to operate. The 4000 model is a favorite for growers with ample between row spacing, larger tractors, orchards, and citrus groves. If reaching out under mature trees with large canopies is required then this is the model for you. This same model, adjusted to its narrowest width, is also popular in narrow row operations, such as vineyards, berry crops, and commercial nurseries. Thus growers of more than one crop appreciate this model because of its capacity to widen out for one crop, and then adjust narrower for another.

The Model 4000 is packed with features but also upgradeable so you can start with a basic machine package and add more features or options later as your budget and crop grows and matures.

Model 4000 fits tractors with a range from approximately 25 to 90 engine horsepower. Ask us if your tractor is a good match.


You choose how you want your Model 4000 set up.

The Model 4000 is available as a:

  • Cultivator (tiller) machine package – no mower
  • Mower-only machine package – no tillage components, motor, teeth, or cleanup tools
  • Tiller/mower combo - Add the 3875 Mower Attachment to a new Model 4000 tillage machine package – Includes tillage rotor, motor, teeth, and 3875 Mower w/motor. OR you can also easily add the 3875 Mower attachment later.

You have a choice of five different Rotor sizes on tillage models. Choose Rotors that will produce a 24”, 20”, 16”, 14”, or 10” tilled swath. Rotors are interchangeable. We help you to determine which Rotor or Rotor sizes are best for your needs.

Versatile and easy to adjust for your tractor and your spacing

The Model 4000 is completely adjustable fore and aft to fit your tractor and crop spacing. The unique, telescopic, wrap-around frame of the Model 4000 adjusts longer and wider or shorter and narrower. Adjust the frame to work under mature trees, up to 7 feet (2.1 m.) away from the side of the body of the tractor. Operate in narrower vineyard or berry rows with the same machine using simple adjustments and switching options. This same machine can add as little as 12 inches (31cm) to the tractor width.

The rugged frame on the Model 4000 also pivots at the rear, enabling the Forward Arm to be held in a fixed position, but at an angle. This ability gives this model more reach capability than other Weed Badger models. Click on the photo to see details.

Please call for help determining if the 4000 model fits your tractor and your row spacing. Ask us about custom frame configurations, straddling rows, longer or shorter Stabilizer Links, and other special requests.

Adjust the frame wide or narrow, long or short, or at an angle.

Complete control is always at your fingertips.

The R/E-Tilt Control (Retract/Extend-Tilt Control) is an exclusive Weed Badger . feature. The R/E-Tilt Control operates two basic functions: 1) retract/extend movement of the working head in and out of the row and 2) on the go, side-to-side tilt angle. This gives you complete control of the working head that feels like an extension of your arm and hand. The R/E-Tilt Control is standard on Models 4000 and 4200.

R/E-Tilt Control station

Push R/E Control Lever forward to extend into the row

Pull R/E Control Lever back to retract out of the row

How do I operate the R/E-Tilt Control on my Weed Badger?

The fingertip R/E Control Lever is located on the left side of the R/E-Tilt Control. Mount the control in a location that is convenient for the operator. (Ask about optional mounting kits.)

How do I operate my Weed Badger without a sensor?

A basic Model 4000 or 4200 machine package does not include an automatic sensor. Sensors are optional for two reasons. 1) Not all crops and field conditions require use of the sensor 2) There is more than one sensor package to choose from. The retract/extend motion is easily controlled using the fingertip R/E Control Lever. The lever is spring loaded and returns to a neutral position when you let go.

So how does it work? You’ll find a toggle switch on the left side, near the R/E Control Lever, next to the Automatic/Manual label. (See photo)This control switch allows for two modes of operation.

Manual mode – When the toggle switch is on Manual position the working head extends or retracts as you move it. Push the lever forward to extend into the row. Pull the fingertip lever back to retract the tiller or mower out of the row. Release the spring-loaded lever the working head remains wherever last positioned. It does not move into the row or toward the tractor until you move the lever again. This allows you to control or modulate the stroke or distance of retract and extend. Remember, Weed Badger is tough on weeds, not on the operator. R/E Control Lever operation is simpler than using the turn signal of your automobile.

Semi-automatic mode – Flip the switch to Automatic. (Note: Automatic setting is also used when a sensor is installed.) This setting gives you the choice of making your no sensor operation semi-automated. Pull back the R/E control lever and the Weed Badger retracts out of the row. Let go of the lever and the machine returns or extends toward the row on its own. This mode only requires one-half the operator input.

This is called No Sensor Operation and it works great in multi-stem shrubs, blueberries, newly planted vines or trees. No Sensor Operation is also used in large out of control weed conditions

How is the R/E-Tilt Control used when an optional automatic sensor is installed? Can I override an automatic sensor?

The R/E Control Lever gives you immediate sensor override. The operator always has the final say. As soon as you move the R/E Control Lever corresponding retract/extend motion results. Extend and hold the working head in toward the row OR retract and hold it out of (away from) the row. Let go of the lever and immediately return to fully automatic sensor operation, and thus extend toward the row.

When is sensor override required?

There are times when override retraction or extension is required. No field operated in-row sensor can make the decisions that only humans can make. For example the following may require a extend or retract decision by the operator: big weed conditions, around sprinkler risers, volunteer trees and plants, multi-stemmed plants, or crooked trunks. This unique feature sets Weed Badger apart from all the rest. It is what makes Weed Badger far-more effective in the real-world conditions you face every day.

How does on-the-go tilt work with R/E-Tilt Control?

Operate this toggle switch
up or down

On-the-go tilt with the flip of the Tilt Switch

Tilt Cylinder tilts the arm and working head

Weed Badger offers another exclusive adjustment feature. A fingertip controlled Tilt Switch is located on the forward side of the R/E Tilt Control station.

Move the switch and this hydraulic cylinder strokes up or down, causing the Forward Arm, parallel to the tractor, to tilt side-to-side, adjusting perfectly to match the in-row terrain. On-the-go tilt is accomplished with the touch of a finger, from the tractor seat.

The full range of tilt on the Models 4000 and 4200 is illustrated below. Ask us how to achieve an even wider range of custom tilt adjustments beyond the range than is illustrated below..

Tilt Range

Match the angle of variable field terrain and your in-row strip on the go. It enables you to shape strips, build berms, hillup, do spring cleanup, and keep your valuable soil where you want it. Mow alongside ditches, pond edges, and terraces

Exclusive Posi-Depth system maintains accurate tillage depth

Adjust DepthTill shallow rooted crops worry-free with the Posi-Depth system. The Posi-Depth feature continuously maintains accurate depth control while you cultivate and rip out weeds by the roots. This Weed Badger standard feature prevents the root damage caused by other tillers. Weed Badgers come equipped with an exclusive Posi-Depth Control System.

The adjustable tillage depth system also allows you to adjust for wear on the teeth (digging tines). Confidently cultivate and aerate one to four inches (2.5 to 10 cm) deep or just skim the soil surface.

Consistent depth regardless of terrain.

Mechanical ground tracking is another exclusive design feature found only on Weed Badger precision in-row tillers and mowers. The 3-point frame design allows the working head to float freely over the soil surface, following ever-changing terrain independent from tractor pitch and roll. Maintain positive contact with the soil surface and consistent tillage depth on uneven and changing terrain. Yet the exclusive frame design enables you to lift the working head off the ground with the three-point hitch to make the turn at the end of the row or transport the machine to and from the field.

This exclusive feature also allows the operator to maintain a slight upward pitch of the Forward Arm to keep the working head gliding smoothly and consistently across the soil surface. Helpful hint: Lower three-point slightly so the leading edge of rotating tines are slightly higher than the trailing edge. Adjust on-the-go if needed.

Adjust pitch up in front, down in back

Weed Badger tractor models are equipped with a self-contained hydraulic system.

We've configured a perfectly balanced, self-contained, PTO-driven, hydraulic package that operates the machine with power to spare even in the toughest conditions. The Model 4000 includes, as standard equipment, an industrial quality PTO hydraulic pump, oil reservoir, oil filter, and hoses.

Our hydraulic system uses high-grade motor oil, not hydraulic oil for a few simple reasons. The first is that our hydraulic motor manufacturer recommends it. Secondly, motor oil stands up longer and contains more anti-wear additives. Lastly, motor oil is usually less expensive and more readily available…which is great news for you.

You may wish to consider adding the optional Active Oil Cooler if you regularly operate your machine in sustained ambient temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, or for more than six hours at a time. The Active Oil Cooler is an option that can be included on new machines or purchased and easily added later if you determine the need is there. Feel free to ask us if you need help with this decision. Click here for more about the Active Oil Cooler.

PTO Hydraulic Pump

Oil Reservoir, oil filter, and hoses

Optional Active Oil Cooler

Accurate automatic sensing makes your work even easier

Every Model 4000 machine package comes equipped with fingertip retract/extend override R/E Control Box as standard equipment. However, at any time the Model 4000 can be easily and quickly upgraded to automatic operation in minutes by adding your choice of plug in automatic sensors. Optional automatic sensors gently guide the machine in and out of the row. With a sensor installed, you still always have the option to override it at any second with the R/E Control.

Choose from the following:

  • Ultra-Lite Sensor
  • Super Sensor
  • Heavy-Action Sensor Kit

Model 4000 with Ultra-Lite Sensor

Model 4000 with Super Sensor

Heavy-Action Sensor Kit mounted on the Super Sensor

Weed Badger is the ultimate tool carrier

Think of the work you can get done beyond weed control! Kill weeds, mow, till, sweep, rake, shape rows, hill-up, hill-down, manage middle cover, manage permanent or seasonal cover on the in-row strips, aerate, incorporate soil amendments, prevent soil borne diseases with sanitation, destroy overwintering insects in the soil, remove rodent habitat, clean or mow around buildings or under fence lines…and much more. You can do it all with one remarkable machine!

Growers that have different crops often use the same Weed Badger, switch rotors, optional teeth, tools, or attachments. Make adjustments to adapt to your crop and conditions. Then go on to the next task. When you request pricing on a Weed Badger we also provide pricing on interchangeable tools, attachments, and upgrades that match your unique conditions.

Equip your new Weed Badger to do weed control and so much more. You can purchase a base Model 4000 now and then add options, attachments, and features, or even the 3875 Mower, to your machine as your needs change.

Be sure to check out the Optional Equipment pages.

Model 4000 with Cyclone Spade

Model 4000 with Brush Rake Teeth and Super Sensor (Wand removed)