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WEEDBADGER® In-Row Tillers and Mowers

Weed Badger is manufactured in the south-central region of North Dakota. The factory is very close to the center of the North American continent. Machines are efficiently shipped all over the world from this point. In most cases, growers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries call the factory directly to purchase their machines. The region is recognized for its strong work ethic and pride in quality production. Workers at our factory are no exception. More than half the total staff has more than 10 years experience. Real people, really close, give real-world help really fast. Answers to service questions are immediate. Feel free to call us with any service or adjustment question, anytime. When you call directly to the Weed Badger factory you talk to a living, breathing, knowledgeable person who is trained and interested in helping you.

The Weed Badger is really the most versatile in-row tiller and mower in the world. It’s a multipurpose machine with the ability to interchange an array of tools to do many jobs, eliminate toxic chemicals, and reduce hand labor. Choose the machine, rotor size, and tools that fit your needs, your crops, and your tractor or skid-steer. It is perfect for vineyards, orchards, groves, nurseries, berry farms, tree plantings, pumpkins, hops, kiwi…any crop where in-row tillage, mowing, or cleanup is needed. Only the imagination limits what your Weed Badger can do.